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Digital Control Accuracte Temperature Vaccum Small Rotary Evaporator Evaporator

Model Number: small

Reference Price:$ 400.00~1500.00
Small rotary evaporators are chemical instruments commonly used in chemical engineering, and mechanical or motor mechanisms are used to rapidly increase the vials in a heated pot. Its vacuum system can be simply immersed in a cold water bath in the water intake pump, it can be a cooling tube with a mechanical vacuum pump. Evaporation and condensation of glass components can be very simple or complex, depending on the distillation target and the characteristics of the solvent to be distilled. With digital control vacuum pump, digital display heating temperature and even steam temperature and other functions.
The main components:
1, evaporation tube, evaporation tube has two roles, first play the role of rotation of the sample support shaft, followed by evaporation tube, the vacuum system to sample out;
2, the vacuum system, used to reduce the rotary evaporator system pressure;
3, the fluid heating pot, usually the case is heated with water samples;
4, condensate, the use of double snake condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice, acetone condensation sample;
5, condensate sample collection bottle, the sample after cooling into the collection bottle.
Condensation bottle
The rotary evaporator evaporates under the constant temperature control of the liquid. The evaporated gas is returned to the condensing flask. After cooling at room temperature, it is converted into liquid and finally returned to the recovery bottle.
The importance of a condenser device in a small rotary evaporator is embodied in a number of ways:
1. Gas back to the condensing bottle, the condensate bottle at the mouth if there is leakage, will directly affect the gas reaction.
2. Although the overall temperature of the condensing bottle is controlled by constant temperature, the density of the condensate bottle itself can also be affected.
3. Condensation bottle device is an important turning point of gas conversion liquid, if the condensate bottle device has any problems, will directly affect the liquid in the final recovery of the purity.
Small Rotary Evaporator  devices are very durable in use and can be replaced at the time of replacement. However, the condensing bottle unit in a small rotary evaporator is the most important and most prone to problems. , If you need to replace the condensate bottle, be sure to choose the original configuration. To avoid the use of late, the results of the liquid reaction after the difference.

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