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50l Medical Rotavapor Rotary Evaporator

Model Number: RE-5299

Reference Price:$ 400.00~1500.00
Rotary evaporator is the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, one of the basic instruments of universities and research laboratories and other units is necessary, the manufacture and analysis of the main means to extract and concentrate in the experiment.
RE-5299 10-120rpm motor with stepless speed regulation and automatic lifting function, the rotating body is composed of a set of micro motor is stable and reliable, speed motor and integrated circuit control device. The electronic speed under stable rotation in the range of 10-120rpm, has reached international advanced level.
Quick and convenient lifting mechanism:
The lifting system of the upper and lower movements of the rotating body adopts a thread lifting mechanism. The hand wheel on the screw rod is rotated to make the rotating body, the rotator, the evaporating bottle, the condenser and the collecting bottle rise or fall at the same time, and the maximum lifting distance is 120mm.
The  evaporator can be tilted at a temperature range of 0-45 DEG C in the horizontal direction
The rotating body is connected with the lifting system, and the rotating shaft is connected with the rotating shaft to form a rotating body, a rotator, an evaporator, a condensing bottle, a collecting bottle and so on, so as to rotate in a horizontal direction to form an angle. U vertical condensing system with high evaporation rate:
The condenser has a structure of two kinds of optional, one is dual convection principle for evaporation of organic solvents, the other is a single line with interlayer water and ice, dry ice container. For evaporation of the solvent. And the use of vertical condenser reduces space.
Vacuum sealing mode:
The evaporation tube is made, the good performance of PTFE plastic heat resistance, good sealing. The connecting part adopts PTFE seal, the effect is good.
Automatic control temperature digital display instrument:
This device is equipped with a temperature display instrument. The temperature digital display, temperature control by Cu50 sensor. When the temperature reaches the preselected temperature, automatically cut off the heater power supply controller; when it is lower than the temperature controller automatically switch on the heater power supply; in order to achieve constant temperature of the water in the tank.

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