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20l Rotavapor Rotary Evaporator

Model Number: RE-201D

Reference Price:$ 400.00~1500.00
RE-201D rotary evaporator is medicine, chemical, evaporation, scientific research and production process of biological products industry concentration, crystallization, separation, drying, solvent recovery process of essential equipment. In a vacuum rotary evaporator under negative pressure, the constant temperature heating principle, thin film evaporation manufactured by rotary evaporator. The stepless speed regulation of the glass spin the bottle rotating at a constant speed, the material is formed large area uniform film on the bottle wall, then the intelligent thermostatic water bath for rotating the bottle uniformly heated at high speed under the condition of vacuum evaporation, solvent vapor by high performance glass condenser cooling, recycling in the collecting bottle. Rotary evaporator is under vacuum conditions Work, and all material contact part adopts the high temperature resistant borosilicate glass and Teflon material, concentrated especially suitable for biological products of high temperature easy decomposition degeneration purification. The factory rotary evaporator set the essence of similar products at home and abroad, in successful practice, has formed 2L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L. 100L series of product design, follow efficient, practical, economic principles, all for the sake of users.
Supply voltage: 220V/50HZ (can be customized 110V/60HZ)
Motor power: 30W
Heating power: 1.5KW
Vacuum: 0.098Mpa
Evaporation capacity: 20ml/min
Rotary bottle capacity: 1000ml phi 131mm/24# standard mouth
Collect bottle capacity: 1000ml phi 131mm/35# ball mill mouth
Rotation speed: 0-120rpm/min
Range of temperature control: 0-400 ℃
Temperature control accuracy:  1℃
Glass temperature range: -80-250℃
Bath pan lifting stroke: 0-150 (mm)
Condenser size: Phi 85 * 460H (mm) (optional cold trap condenser)
Charging valve: 19# standard port
Bath pan size capacity: Phi 250 x 140H (mm) about 6.8L (can be added organic transparent cover)
Shell size: 270L * 270W * 195H (mm)
Board size: 280L * 330W (mm)
Size: 700L * 440W * 885H (mm)
Dimensions: 590L * 460W * 460H (mm)
Carton: 0.12M^3
Weight: 21KG

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