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Kjeldahl Method 0.1mg~200mg Nitrogen Analyzer

Model Number: HYP-308

Reference Price:$ 1741.00~1751.00
Kjeldahl method for the principle applies to food, feed, soil, fertilizer, water, sediment, chemicals, dairy, brewing, sugar, pharmaceuticals, coal, and rubber material, such as the determination of crude protein, Accurate testing, safe, reliable, and user-friendly. Electric steam generator, automatically add distilled water, to carry out continuous and constant micro-distillation operations.
Senior chip intelligent control, stability and reliability, low operating costs and maximize the operator to ensure the safety, accuracy and precision of the results. 
1.Microcomputer chip control, alkali and distillation time, digital display, and a countdown function. 
2.Increase by 2 times alarm: test finish alarm. And finally minute alarm for remind people take receive bottle down. 
3.Electronic timing, add alkali and distillation timing more precise.
4.Add alkali and distillation can be operated separately, each will not be affected. 
5.Film touch button, feel comfortable. Panel is refreshing and simplicity. 
6.Auto memory the last set of data.
7.Special sprays steel shell, beautiful and practical; contact with some of the acid-base using stainless steel mirror, and durable anti-corrosion;
8.Automatically, add water, add lye and steam timer control; 
9.All-stainless steel steam generator tube electric heating and control water level, durable resist decay; automatic protect with lack of water;
10.Specific integrated circuit control systems, in different of water quality to use and save water;
11.Lack of water alarm and automatically cut off the water pump power;

Technical parameters:
1.Measure Range: 0.1mg~200mg Nitrogen;
2.Samples weighing: solid 0.3~1g;liquid 2~5ml;
3.Precision: Relative difference 1%;
4.Reproducibility: parallel difference ≤ 0.2%;
5.Reclaim rate: ≥ 99.5%;
6.Speed: Distillation 25 ml/min; 
7.Working power: 220V±10% 50HZ~60HZ;
8.Rated power: 1200W;
9.Size: 360×300×700mm 
10.Weight: 27 Kg;

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