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Fourteen Holes Intelligent Digestion Stove

Model Number: HYP-314

Reference Price:$ 1719.00~1829.00
1. Temperature adjustable continuously, precise 
temperature control and stability. 
2. One ingot heating, the temperature difference is small, uniform sample digestion. 
3. Overheat & Limit temperature protection. 
4. Blue screen display 
5. Exhaust gas cover, can not be placed in a fume 
6. Improve the configuration of peripheral attachments, the convenience of users. 

Technical parameters: 
1. Measuring Range:  0.1mg~200mg N; 
2. Measuring quantity:14 piece/group.; 
3. Speed:45min/group; 
4. Digest tube capacity:250ml;
5. Temperature range:Room temperature~  480℃;
6. Temperature control accuracy:±1℃; 
7. Average heating rate:30℃/min;
8. Temperature control method: six step auto control;
9. Gas seal materials: PTFE;
10.Heating method: Aluminum alloy body; 
11.Safety: Over temperature protection and limit. 
12.Power supply:220(V)±10% 50~60HZ; 
13.Rated power:  2000 W; 
15.Weight:  27 Kg;

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