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Automatic Titrator For Protein Determination

Model Number: T52

Reference Price:$ 4542.00~4555.00
T52 automatic titrator is tailored for the protein determination, designed and made by the Shanghai Instrument Co. Xianjian. It is convenience operation, no transferring sample, receiving liquid directly titrated, accurate test results, without adjusting zero and adding liquid, no probe cleaning, etc. Connect the power and run, learn its operation just in a minute, one drop one count, the volume of each drop is most suitable for measuring the amount of protein, thus avoid the cumulative errors.
1. Compared with the traditional buret: it has repeatedly titrations, without burette capacity limits and add the reagents every time; a press only a drop, press and hold it the titration is continuous, and it avoid the problem of traditional buret "trembling of the hands".
2. The manual and automatic modes: automatic color determination, automatic alarm at the end, the manual mode requires the determination of the human eye, it is optionally and flexible.

Technical Parameters:
 1. titration volume: 50μl ~ unlimited;
 2.  titration rate: adjustable 60 to 120 drops / min ;
 3. Accuracy: 1/10000;
 4. Resolution: 5/1000;
 5. Repeatability: 2/1000;
 6. Data storage: 10 sets;
 7. Automatic color determination: the manual and automatic modes
 8. Power supply: 220 (V) ± 10%, 50 ~ 60HZ;
 9. Rated power: 300W;
 10. Dimensions: 350 × 265 × 367 (mm);
 11. Weight: 6Kg;

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