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Kjeldahl Determination Nitrogen Analyzer Automatic Distillation Device

Model Number: KDN-812

Reference Price:$ 4219.00~4229.00
KDN-812  Nitrogen Analyzer Automatic Distillation Device,this equipment is base on the classical Kjeldahl method for the working principle. Express, accurate and low cost. Automatic monitoring fault and alarm to let us more easily and more secure to use.
1.By international and Chinese national standard Kjeldahl method. concentrated sulfuric acid digestion, alkaline environment distillation, boric acid absorption receive released gas, titrate the color indicator;
2.Operating mode:Automatic/manual mode arbitrary switching at any time;
3.Working methods: Automatic add distilled water, add alkali, add boric acid, steam, fill water, self-cleaning, data storage, water leak alarm,(non-titration);
4.Manual mode:Each steps controlled by oneself.
5.Automatic add alkali, add boric acid;
6.Automatic stop and alarm;
7.Urgent stop to prevent the emergency,
8.Display :7-inch LCD superfine color screen;
9.Control methods:touch;
10.Monitored the condenser and alarm;
11.Automatic detection and alarm;
12.After power failure can continued the detection and not affect the test results;
13.Splash tube: resistance acid and alkali, extend the service life.
14.The receiving bottle automatically falls and washs the receiving tube.
15.Special sprays steel shell, beautiful and practical; acid-base contact with parts of mirror stainless steel, durable anti-corrosion
16.Small size and save space;

Technical parameters:  
1.Measure Range: 0.1mg~240mg N;
2.Samples weighing:solid ≤8g;liquid ≤20ml;
3.Precision: Relative difference 1%;
4.Reproducibility: parallel difference ≤0.2%;
5.Reclaim rate: ≥99.5%;
6.Speed: 3~8min/sample
7.Distilled time:0~9999min;
8.Five pumps;
9.Splash tube: resistance acid and alkali;
10.Condensed water:1.4L/min;
11.Operating mode:Automatic/manual mode arbitrary switching at any time;
12.Display methods:7-inch LCD superfine color screen;
13. Control methods:touch;
14. Power: 1200W;
15. Power supply:220V±10%,50HZ~60HZ;
16. Size: 310×320×690(mm);
17. Weigh: 30kg;

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