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100L Multi-Mode Self-Control Handwheel Type Quick-Cover-Open Safety Interlock Device Vertical Autoclave

Model Number: YXQ-LS-100A

Reference Price:$ 2410.00~2443.00
The Autoclave is the equipment which utilizes the pressure saturated steam for sterilizing goods quickly and reliable. It is applicable to be used in medical and health work, scientific and agriculture institutes. It is a perfect equipment for sterilizing the medical equipments, dressings, glassware, liquor culture mediums, etc.
Self-control type
Patented technology: handwheel type quick-cover-open safety interlock device
Outer case, inner vessel and baskets are made of SUS304, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion
Microcomputer intelligent control
Pressure safety interlock device, over temperature protection device
Self expanding type seal ring, exhaust cold air automatically
High-low water level alarm, self-control when lack of water
Self-exhaust when over pressure
Inner circulation exhaust type, with 3L steam collection bottle
Buzzer reminds and closing down automatically when sterilization ends
Equipped with test hole
Three control modes:
a. heating-sterilization-quick exhaust
b. heating-sterilization-slow exhaust
c. heating-sterilization-no exhaust

printer, melting-heat preservation function
Melting temperature: 60~98℃, time range: 0~999min
Heat preservation temperature: 40~60℃, time range: 0~999min
Medical type has one more pressure protection device

Model: YXQ-LS-100A
Volume: 100L
Power: 3.5KW
Power Supply: 220V±10%  50Hz±2%
Max. Working/Design Temp.: 135℃/138℃
Max. Working/Design Pressure: 0.22MPa/0.25MPa
Time Range (min): 0-120
Chamber Size (mm): 400×760
Basket Size (mm):360×240×3pcs
Overall Size (mm): 600×500×1260

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