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AC 220V 50/60Hz 400W LED Natural Convection Orbital Rotate Eccentric Drive Bottle Rocker

Model Number: BSF-46S

Reference Price:$ 3042.00~3052.00
The bottle rocker is widely used in experiments of pharmacy, such as germ culture, ferment, hybridization, and research of biochemical reaction, enzyme and cellular tissue. It has a wide and important range of applications in research of medicine, biology, numerator, pharmacy and environmental protection.
P.I.D environmental scanning micro-processing controller and intelligentized audio and visual alarm;
The large LED screen clearly indicates the preset and real parameters;
Operating parameter memory function avoids monotonous operations;
Timer up to 99.9 hours and audio and visual alarm will be activated when shaking terminates;
DC inductive long-life motor design, broad speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed of rotation, no carbon brush and maintenance free;
Provided with power-off recovery function, the equipment can automatically recover to run according to the originally designed programs when the external power is recovered after a sudden cut off;
Wiring of the acceleration control ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and the security of samples;
The critical components, made of superior cast iron and aluminum, have the characteristics of stabilization and durability;
Fine molding at one time machining technology ensure the stability and reliability of the main engine.
Model: BSF-46S (Small-capacity)
Control Mode: P.I.D
Display: LED
Convection: Natural Convection
Rotate Mode: Orbital
Drive Mode: Eccentric drive 
Rotation Rate (rpm): Start~350
Rotation Accuracy (rpm): ±1
Vibration Amplitude (mm): Φ25
Time Range: 0~99.9H
Standard Configuration: 250ml×46
Max. Configuration: 5000ml×6
Tray Size (mm): 800×600
Tray : 1pc
Overall Size (mm): 900×640×410
Power (W): 400
Power Supply: AC 220V  50/60Hz

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