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220V 900W 133Pa 2 Shelves 25L Vacuum Oven For Drying And Sterilization

Model Number: DZF-6020MBE

Reference Price:$ 570.00~580.00
The vacuum oven is widely applicable for drying and sterilization in fields of biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine and health, agriculture and scientific research and environment protection. It is designed specially for drying of material which is thermo-sensitive or decompounded and oxidative easily.
Vacuum environment greatly reduced the liquid boiling point which needs to be dislodged, therefore the vacuum drying method is applicable for heat sensitivity material;
For the sample which can't be dried easily, such as powder or other pellet form sample, using vacuum drying method may shorten drying time efficiently;
Various complex structures of machinery ministry or other porous sample process are used of vacuum drying method after washing, and no residues after being dried completely;
Use safer: under vacuum or inertia condition, completely eliminate the possibility that the oxide explosion;
Compare with the normal drying depended on air cycle, powder form sample won't be blowed and moved by airflow.
The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of SUS304 with arc angle design which is convenient to clean the residues;
Temperature control system adopts microcomputer singlechip technology, temperature and time control, over-temperature alarm;
Dual LED screens, the touch keyboard set;
Timing function;
The tightness of door can be adjusted by user optionally, the silicone seal strips whole shaped, ensures the high vacuum degreed in working chamber;
The working chamber is quadrate to maximize the volume, the door adopts tempering bulletproof double glass which is easy for observation;
The function of parameters memory and recovery for date protection caused by power failure or system halted.

Model: DZF-6020MBE
Power Supply: ~220V±10V   50/60HZ
Power: 900W
Temp. Range: RT+5~250℃
Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.5℃
Vacuum Degree: 133Pa
Volume: 25L
Working Chamber (mm): 300×296×275
Overall Size (mm): 590×430×475
Shelves: 2pcs
Time Range: 0-999min

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