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5~60 Degree Temperature AC220V 800W 160L Air-Jacket Three Shelves CO2 Incubator

Model Number: BC-J160S(Air-jacket IR)

Reference Price:$ 1.00~9999.00
The CO2 incubator is a kind of advanced instrument for cells, tissues and bacteria cultivation, a key equipment for the development of immunology, oncology, genetics and biological engineering. It is extensively applicable in the research and production of micro organism, agricultural sciences and pharmaceutics.
The shell is made of cold-rolling steel with static spray plastics, the working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, the shelves can be adjusted optionally;
Intelligent control, LCD screen can display temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration;
Sound and light alarm function when over-temperature;
Imported IR CO2 concentration sensor which has a precise sensitivity; 
UV light that can kill bacteria, mould and mycoplasma effectively; 
HEPA offers a filtration efficiency of 99.998% for 0.3μm particulate; 
Imported centrifugal fan with low noise and long life, heat quickly with good uniformity;
Imported humidity sensor, humidity can be displayed real-time;
Sound and light alarm function when over-temperature, two control systems, the assistant control system will play the monitoring role when the main control system is invalidated;
Door heating control system can avoid frost phenomenon on the inner glass door;
Special technics to ensure good seal of the working chamber and keep the concentration for a long time;
Be equipped with RS-485 interface which can be connected with computer or recorder;
The function of parameters memory and recovery for date protection caused by power failure or system halted.
Options: One choice from three: printer (can print into curve), GPRS SMS Alarm, computer monitoring.
Model: BC-J80S (Water-jacket IR)
Power Supply: AC 220V±10%/50Hz±2%
Power: 600W
Heating Method: Water-jacket
Temp. Range: RT+5℃-60℃
Temp. Resolution: 0.1℃
Temp. Fluctuation: 37℃≤±0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity: 37℃≤±0.3℃
CO2 Range: 0-20%
CO2 Control Method: IR
CO2 Recovery Time: ≤concentration×1.2min
Humidify Method: Natural Evaporation
Volume: 80L
Working Chamber (mm): 420×400×550
Overall Size (mm): 562×521×960
Shelves: 2pcs

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