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5~60 Degree Temperature AC220V 50/60Hz 800W 70L Desktop Shaker Incubator

Model Number: BSD-TX270

Reference Price:$ 1.00~9999.00
It is widely used in germ culture, ferment, hybridization, and researchof biochemical reaction, enzyme and cellular tissue and all those require hightemperature and oscillation frequency.

Individual axle with stepless speed adjustable technique, which can meetthe experimental requirements of different dissolved oxygen;
Amplitude stepless adjustment function, rotation rate can be extended to30-600rpm;
Convenient design makes theamplitude adjustment easily;
Intelligent micro processing controller with acousto-optic alarm and environmentscanning;
Large LCD screen displays the setting parameters and the measured parameters;
The operating parameter locked by encryption to avoid misoperation;
Memory function of the operating parameter avoids operation cumbersome;
DC motor design, wide speed range, constant torque, constant rotation speed, nocarbon brush, maintenance free, and no effect by power fluctuations;
Over temperature acoustic optic alarm function, the power supply can be cut offautomatically when temperature is out of control;
Power-off recovery function, the equipment can restore working automaticallyaccording to the original setting program when the external power is recoveredafter a sudden cut off;
Circuit of acceleration control ensures soft start, smooth acceleration and thesafety of samples.

Model: BSD-TX270
Control Mode: P.I.D
Driving Mode: Individual Axle Drive
Temp. Range (℃): 5-60
Temp.Resolution (℃): ±0.1
Temp. Uniformity (℃): ±1(37℃)
Oscillation Mode: Orbital
Drive Motor: BLDC
Rotation Rate (rpm): 30-250 (when Amplitude<5mm, 600rpm)
Vibration Amplitude (mm): Φ0-40 (Stepless Adjustable)
Time Range (H): 0~1000
Volume (L): 70
Overall Size (mm): 750×750×510
Tray Size (mm): 440×390
Tray (PCs): 1
Standard Configuration: 250ml×10
Max. Configuration: 50ml×31 / 100ml×31 / 250ml×15 / 500ml×10 / 750ml×8 / 1000ml×6
Power (W): 800
Power Supply: AC220V 50/60Hz

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