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18L European Standard Self-Control Desktop Autoclave With Pulsating Vacuum Drying Function

Model Number: BXM-18DM

Reference Price:$ 1.00~9999.00
This product is suitable for medical and health, pharmaceutical, scientific research and other units on the surgical instruments, glassware, drugs, media and fabric dressings to provide fast sterilization.

The product conforms to the performance requirements of YY/T0646-2015 "Small steam sterilizers — Automatic type" and Level B standard requirements of European standard EN13060:2004 "Small steam sterilizers".
With pulsating vacuum drying function, pulse number can be set the range of 0~99 times, the vacuum degree can reach -0.9bar (-0.09MPa), applicable to all types of wrapped, no packaging, stuffed, A class hollow, B class hollow, B class hollow porous and internal pipeline equipment sterilization .
The control program adopts the advanced imported 16 bit microprocessor system, high stability, advanced man-machine dialogue window, clear color 5.6 inch touch screen operation interface, perfect fault detection and alarm system, to keep you abreast of the machine running state and process.
According to the sterilization goods, 5 fixed programs are set up for the user, which is convenient for the user to call. Meanwhile, according to the special needs of users, the custom program is provided to ensure the convenience of users.
BD test and vacuum test programs are used for the detection of steam penetration. Sterilization temperature control using advanced PID control which has high precision.
The main body is made of stainless steel plate as a whole, so as to ensure the force uniformity of the whole, and a jet type steam generator is equipped, which ensures the uniform of temperature and pressure and the disinfection is more thorough.
Equipped with the door safety interlock protection device, the door can not be opened when there is pressure in chamber,  to protect the user. Automatic add water control of water purification tank and waste water tank full alarm, avoid the waste water circulation.
Equipped with built-in printer and USB interface, the sterilization process records can be printed real-time, and  derived by U disk at any time, internal storage capacity of up to 8000 records, the user can derive all or part of records according to the needs.

Model: BXM-18DM
Rated Pressure: 0.24MPa
Temperature Range: 115~134℃
Chamber Size (mm): φ250×350
Overall Size L×H×B (mm): 576×446×495
Control mode: no packaging apparatus, wrapped apparatus, rubber products, custom
Volume: 18L
Power: 1500VA

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