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-35 to 80 Degree Celsius Cold Chain HVAC Humidity And Temperature Data Logger

Model Number: SSN-22/SSN-20/SSN-21/SSN-23

Reference Price:$ 20.00~30.00
1. High accuracy industrial grade sensors and components, high-quality and low cost
2. IP67 waterproof
3. For high precision temperature and humidity measurement, recording and monitoring

4. USB interface directly communicate with PC for setup and data download

5. User can input two point calibration value for each channel when setup
6. The alarm limit can be set 
7. Elaborate design makes it perfectly work in more application fields.
8. The professional software DGraph can be so easily used to setup, download data, view graph, and output report
9. Formula, data curve and unit can be self-defined by user

10. Start method: Immediately, Button, start by Delay

11. Stop method: Stop when memory full, Button (FIFO), Stop when sample point reach peak.

12. Replaceable long-life lithium battery and logged data will not be lost if battery exhausted

These data loggers are mainly used in monitor and verify temperature/humidity-sensitive goods, equipment or areas. 
Cold Chain        Refrigeration       Transportations      HVAC       Food & Pharmaceutical Warehouse Laboratories     Aircraft cabins     Agriculture and Livestock       Environmental monitor
These data loggers can measure and store up to 32,000 temperature and humidity readings. Logger status, alarm indication and low battery indication are via flashing red/green LED and yellow LED. The button on housing can be used to start logging, or confirm and clear LED alarm.
User can plug data logger straight into PC’s USB port without any cables. Before getting started, user needs to install USB driver and DGraph software, provided on a CD which is included in product packing box. All the software can run under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (32 bit and 64 bit Versions). User can easily use DGraph software to setup sample rate (from 2 s to 24 hours), high/low alarm limit and start/stop method, and download data to PC, etc. And then user can view, analyze and print the data, or export other file formats (txt, XSL, CSV, bmp, jpg).
Especially, user can set access password, name each channel, enable/disable specified channel, input calibration data for each channel, disable LED indication for saving power, and select sample mode(Instant, Average, Maximum and Minimum), etc.






Temperature Accuracy(Typ.)




±0.3°C (±0.5°F)

Temperature Range

-35 to 80°C
(-31 to 176°F)

-35 to 80°C  (-31 to 176°F)

-35 to 80°C  (-31 to 176°F)

-35 to 80°C
(-31 to 176°F)

Humidity Accuracy(Typ.)

±3 %RH

±3 %RH

±2 %RH

±2 %RH

Humidity Range

0 – 100%RH








Sensor Location


Typical Application

Cold Chain     Refrigeration    Transportations    HVAC     Food & Pharmaceutical Warehouse


One temperature channel and One humidity channel

Storage Capacity

32,000 (64Kbytes)


0.1℃ (0.2°F); 0.1%RH

Sample Rate

2sec. to 24hr.

Start Method

Immediately, Start by button, and Delay to start

Stop Method

Stop when memory full, Button (FIFO), Stop when sample point reach peak.

Sample Mode

Instant (default), average, maximum and minimum. This will decide how to dispose data at idle time between a sample interval


Start/stop logging by button, or clear and reset LED alarm


Red and Green LED, Logger Status indication(Include Delay to Start, Logging, Alarm, Finished); Low battery indication


User programmable high or low alarm limit for each channel(If necessary)

Communication Interface

USB2.0; Need to install the driver included in CD

PC Software

DGraph software and USB driver required (Included in CD)(Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,8,10(32 bit & 64bit Versions))

Power Supply

User replaceable 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium Battery 1200mAh

Battery Life

Approx. 3 Years @ 1 Minute Sample Rate

Operating Range

0 to 100%RH  -35 to 80℃(-31 to 176℉)

Storage Range

20 to 60%RH  10 to 50℃(50 to 122℉)

Case Material





Approx. 90 grams(3.2oz)

Standard Certification


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