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Water Residual Chlorine/Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer

Model Number: DGB-403F

Reference Price:$ 425.00~430.00
1. LED light, Long lifetime; High precision
2. Use high performance low power consumption single-chip technology, friendly man-machine interface
3. To support one-point and multi-point calibration, user can edit the calibration curve
4. Each measurement item can store 200 sets of results, GLP norms
5. To support USB communication, data collection by connecting with PC
6. To support battery and USB power supply; support power management function

7. IP65, good Waterproof and Dustproof

8. To support firmware update function and restore factory defaults function




Light Source

LED, 515nm

Measuring range

Residual Chlorine/Total Chlorine: 0.00~5.00 mg/L

Chlorine Dioxide: 0.00~10.00 mg/L


Concentration: 0.001mg/L

Absorbancy: 0.001ABS

Display Error

Residual Chlorine/Total Chlorine≤1mg/L:±0.05mg/L; >1mg/L:±5%

Chlorine Dioxide≤2mg/L:±0.10mg/L; >2mg/L:±5%

Detection Limit

Residual Chlorine/Total Chlorine: ≤0.02mg/L

Chlorine Dioxide: ≤0.04mg/L

Power Supply

Four alkaline battery(1.5V), USB

Protection Level


Size(mm); Weight:(kg)

230×86×47, about 0.4

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