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V1.1 Bubble Point Scanning Fast Bubble Point Test Full-Automatic Filter Integrity Tester

Model Number: V1.1

Reference Price:$ 2890.00~2990.00
Detailed introduction:
Power Supply100 – 240 VAC, 50HZ, 120W ;
Operation Pressure100-8000mbar (115psi) ;
Operation ConditionAmbient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃;Relative Humidity:10-80%
Dimension(mm)400(Width) ×385 (Depth) ×100(Height1)× 235(Height2)
Test FunctionPressure Holding Test;Bubble Point Test;Bubble Point Scanning Test;
Test AccuracyBubble Point Test:± 75mbar ;
Test ScopeBubble Point :590-6900mbar      Diffusion Flow Speed:1-180ml/min   
Applied RangeSymmetric and asymmetric membrane , needle filter, filter bag, flat filter,  filter cartridge (3 core within 20 inches)
Print FunctionBuilt-in printer
Historical Records20 sets;
Display Screen3.2″,single color;
Work ModeOnline/Offline;
Applicable EnvironmentAbove B level
Main features:

  1. All English operation, mainly used for early exports;
  2. It has system self-check function, with an error report function for the system tightness and wrong operation;
  3. It is microcomputer control of automatic detection, with many kinds of test functions such as bubble point scanning, fast bubble point test and pressure holding method;
  4. Real-time print of test results;
  5. It can be used to test the single core filter and multi-core filter.

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