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V4.0 Cheap Portable Full-Automatic Filter Integrity Tester

Model Number: V4.0

Reference Price:$ 5800.00~5900.00
Detailed introduction:Integtest ®  Serials Integrity Tester are designed for testing integrity of filters and filter systems . The test meet to verify the sterilizing filter in the FDA, the State Pharmacopoeia and GMP specification requirements. The V4.0 Integrity Tester is compact, handy to use, and fully automated integrity test instrument, which performs bubble point, diffusion flow, enhanced bubble point, and water-based test for hydrophobic filters. The first domestic launch of integrity test for water-based test for hydrophobic filters to meet different customer needs.

power100-240VAC,50/60Hz, 110W
Maximum working pressure9999mbar
Minimum working pressure1000mbar
Test pressure500-6900 mbar
Test accuracyD:±4% ; BP: ±50mbar
V of WH: ±4%
Upstream volume: ±4%
Working conditionTemperature: 20℃±15℃;Moisture:45±35%
Test timeUpstream volume test : 5min±2min;
Quick D test: 10min±2min
Base BP test: 15min±2min
Enhanced test: 20min±2min
WH: 30min±2min
Checklist printInput parameters & output data and result in Chinese
History record500 test records + graphic curves
LCD5.7″ ; TFT, monocular
Series I/O typeRS232
Language of menuChinese or English

Main features:

1.The scientific electronic signature and classification to distinguish the responsibility easily, and to prevent false operation.
2.Display of test data and curves in real time, monitoring the whole process of testing.
3.Provides automatic printing set function, the user can operate more simple and convenient.
4.Water Based test (WH) for Hydrophobic Filter: using purified water as test liquid instead of IPA and Ethanol, thus it can avoid trace quantity of ethanol or IPA contamination when testing filters.
5.The instrument can store 500 history record and curve.

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