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SGW WRR Visual Melting-Point Apparatus

Model Number: WRR

Reference Price:$ 1000.00~1250.00
To be used to measure the melting point of medicines, dye-stuffs and perfumes and other organic crystal substances to determine their purity. Measurement method is in conformity with the standard of pharmacopoeia.
Measuring three samples at the same time and calculate average value of initial and final melting points automatically.
Melting-point measurement range: 
room temperature-280℃
Minimum digital display:
0.1 ℃
Linear heating-up rate:
0.5,1.0,1.5,3.0 ℃/min
≤200 ℃ : 0.4℃; 200 ℃: 0.7℃
Repeatability (Standard Deviation ): 
Weight (Gross):
15 kg
Overall Dimensions:
400mm  400mm  540mm

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