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SGW WRS-3 Automatic or Visual – Micro Processor Melting-point Apparatus

Model Number: WRS-3

Reference Price:$ 4600.00~5800.00
The image melting point apparatus is mainly used for measuring the melting point of drugs, dyes, fragrances and other organic compounds crystals. With LCD screen, the image of whole process of melting the material can be observed, while the instrument provides the melting parameters of the material. The instrument applies a high-resolution camera or photo-detection system to automatically/manually detect the melting point, software and hardware. It’s capable of monitoring the entire process of melting material, and while the image is being played back, the whole process of melting can be observed, and test data can be generated. The instrument is equipped with windows XP operating system.
Measurement range of melting point
Room temperature – 400℃
Minimum value of temperature display
Linear heating rate
0.2, 1.0, 1.5, 3.0℃/min
Linear heating rate error
Not greater than 10% of the nominal value
Capillary dimensions
Outer diameter: φ1.4mm
Inner diameter: φ1.0mm
Indication error
Within the range of less than 200℃:±0.4℃
In the range of 200-320℃:±0.7℃
0.2℃(heating rate: 0.2℃/min)
0.3℃(heating rate: 1.0℃/min)

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