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SGW WRS-3 Automatic or Visual – Micro Processor Melting-point Apparatus

Model Number: WRS-3

Reference Price:$ 3200.00~3906.00
Measurement of melting point is one of the important methods of measurement of purity;
To be used in production of medicines, dye-stuffs, perfumes and other organic crystal substances;
Together with Visual window and Photoelectric test;
Use PID to control the temperature;
It can measure three samples at the same time and calculate average value of initial and final melting points automatically;
Touch Screen
USB and RS232
Melting-point measurement range:
room temperature -320 ℃
Minimum digital display:
0.1 ℃
Size of the capillary:
φ1.4mm(outside diameter)
φ1.0mm(inside diameter), 100mm 
Loading height of the sample:
Linear heating-up rate:
1.0 ℃ /min (0.2 ℃/min;1.5℃/min;3.0℃/min)
Within the range of less than 200℃:±0.5℃
in the range of 200℃-320℃:±0.8℃
Deviation of linear heating rate:
no more than 10% (setting value)

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