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FIT-01 Film Pendulum Impact Tester

Model Number: FIT-01

Reference Price:$ 5000.00~10000.00
FIT-01 is professionally applicable to the determination of impact resistance properties of pendulum of plastic films, sheets, composite films, aluminum foils and other materials.
Adjustable range and electronic measurement support various combinations of non-standard test conditions
Pneumatic specimen clamping, pendulum release mechanism and horizontal adjustment system effectivelyl reduce the errors caused by manual operation
The system provides automatic statistics of testing data for users’ convenient viewing
The instrument is controlled by micro-computer, with LCD, menu interface and PVC operation panel
The impact resistance of films could be obtained by measuring the energy consumed by hemispheric impact head to make films ruptured, under the certain impacting conditions
GB 8809-88,ASTM D3420,NF T54-116
Basic ApplicationsIncluding plastic films, sheets and composite films e.g. PE/PP composite films, aluminized films, aluminum plastic composite films, nylon films for food and drug packages
Including paper and paper board, e.g. aluminized paper for cigarette packages and Tetra Pak materials
Extended ApplicationsTest range could be extended to 5J
Technical specification:
Impact Energy1 J, 2 J, 3 J (Standard)
Resolution0.001 J
Impact Head Size25.4 mm, 19 mm, 12.7 mm (Customization is available)
Specimen Clamp Diameter89 mm, 60 mm
Specimen Size100 mm x 100 mm or 100 mm
Gas Supply Pressure0.6 MPa (outside of supply scope)
Port Size6 mm PU Tubing
Instrument Dimension600 mm (L) x 390 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz
Net Weight64 kg
Standard configuration:
Mainframe, Pendulums of 1J, 2J and 3J, Standard Impact Heads of 25.4mm and19mm, Standard Clamp Plates of 89mm and 60mm (including O-ring) and Micro Printer
Optional Parts:
Professional Software, Communication Cable, Customized Impact Head and O-ring
Note:The gas supply port of the instrument is 6 mm PU tubing;
Customers will need to prepare for gas supply .

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