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Integrity Test For The Filter System

Model Number: 212,311,321,421

Reference Price:$ 9999.00~10000.00

FILGUARD series filter  integrity tester  is a specific instrument that can do integrity test for the filter system. It’s capable of bubble point,  pressure decay, diffusion flow and water intrusion test. Using these physical test accepted in the industry field to exam the precision and integrity of the filter system. These methods meet the requirements of CGMP and GMP. And they’re recommended by FDA. FILGUARD can do both online and offline test. It can test the precision of the filter materials and the integrity of the filter system. When doing a test, it won’t contaminate the aseptic status of the downstream. FILGUARD is the first filter test instrument in China designed and manufactured independently by SURWAY. Since 1998, SURWAY has upgraded the FILGUARD continually, these upgrades have made the FILGRAUD reach the level of similar foreign products. Now FILGUARD is widely used in thousands of the Biological manufacturers, medicine factories and filter factories and we have won reputation from our customers. FILGUARD appropriates to biological, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and electronics industry, and is a necessary instrument for the filter factory.

Application range
Disc membrane:Φ25~Φ300 Disk membrane; Standard cartridge:5″~ 40″, 1 ~ 15 round; Capsule; Mini cartridge
Standard accessories
Inlet pipe (with a quick connector), outlet pipe (with a quick connector), adapter, printing paper, power line, operating instructions.
Special filter housing for cartridge testing
Warranty period
One year warranty
integrity test for the filter system

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