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Pneumatic Tools Electric Tools Wide-Range Torque Tester

Model Number: HIT series

Reference Price:$ 1.00~9999.00
Brief Introduction:
How to make a torque tester with large measuring range and anti-shock function? This technical issue has troubled many manufacturing enterprises. Blue Bright Instruments has successfully solved the technical problem through many years of technological breakthrough. We adopt the unique circuit design and software processing technology in producing the products. For wide range, split-style design is used, enabling the products to reach the level of imported instruments in terms of pneumatic gauging instruments and the performance in measuring wide- range torque.This series product is, in particular, suitable for testing the big-torque of the pneumatic tools and electric tools. With its stable and reliable quality, it has passed the qualification test made by the testing authorities such as Shanghai Electric Tool Research Institute.
l LCD display (second-generation)Ultra-high brightness Nixie tube is used to display the measured values, with accurate and clear reading, suitable for various measurement environments (third-generation)
l Have three measurement methods
l Peak Hold (PEAK), for measuring the electric tools Peak-Peak Hold (PPEAK), for measuring the electric tools/lithium battery tools Track (TRACK), for real-time measurement and zero adjustment
l Have forward and reverse measurement functions
l Able to set the measuring time, and measure the number of shocks within this set duration time (third-generation)
l Able to set the 0.5 - 3s automatic peak reset (RESET) time (third-generation)
l Have the overload warning, low battering induction functions

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