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China Cost-Effective Little White 2.0 Household Laboratory Dust PM2.5 Air Cleaner

Model Number: little white2.0

Reference Price:$ 339.00~355.00
Solid pollutants CADR: 456.3
Gaseous pollutant CADR: 178.1
Applicable area: (0.07 ~ 0.12) *CADR
Solid state pollutant CCM (mg):13800
Gaseous pollutant CCM (mg): >1500
Purification efficiency of solid pollutants: 8.6
Purification efficiency of gaseous pollutants:3.36
The highest level of sound power level noise (dB): 60.4
Minimum stall power level noise (dB): 35.2
Sterilization function: Support
Sterilization principle: Sterilization by filtration
Purification method: Filtration type
Filter pollutant type: Formaldehyde; toluene; PM2.5; secondhand smoke; pollen; allergens; bacteria
Air quality sensor: PM2.5 sensor
Air quality display: PM2.5 digital display; PM2.5 light display; other
Air humidity display: no
Sleep mode: Support
Auto mode: Support
Fan speed setting: Multi gear transmission
Timing mode: Support
Remote control mode: APP intelligent remote control
Other :Remote control

Place of Origin:Guangzhou
Net weight (kg): 6.2
Rated voltage:220V
Rated power: 53W
Power cord length (m): 2
Product size (mm):382*223*547

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