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Lab Benchtop Water Analyzer Mtc Ph Meter Temperature Meter Orp Meter

Model Number: PHS-3C

Reference Price:$ 340.00~349.00
ph range0.00~14.00ph
mV range-1999~1999mv
temp range0.099.9
Stability(0.01pH±1 bit)/3h
Power supplyAC (220±22) V,(50±1) Hz
pH accuracy±0.01pH
mV accuracy±0.1%FS
temp accuracy±0.3℃
Product Keywordslab water analyzer,mtc ph meter,ph orp meter

Detailed Description

1.Large screen, LCD display,dual parameter
2.Automatic buffer recognition and two-point calibration
3.It has the function of manual temperature compensation.
4.It is equipped with E-201-C pH combined electrode.

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