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LCD Light-Touch Screen Atc Usb Ph Ec Meter Water Quality Analyzer

Model Number: PHSJ-4F

Reference Price:$ 598.00~609.00
Product Detail
ph range-2.000~20.000ph
mV range-1999.99~1999.99mv
Temp range-5.0~110.0℃
Stability±0.002pH±1bit /3h
Power supplyDC Adapter(9V DC, 800mA)
pH accuracy±0.002pH
mV accuracy±0.03%FS
Temp accuracy±0.2℃
Product Keywordsusb ph meter,LCD light-touch screen ph meter,atc ph meter


1.LCD display and light-touch keys for convenient use
2.It has function of automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration and automatic calculation of electrode slope.
3.The meter can save, delete and view measuring data. Up to 500 sets of data can be saved.
4.Five pH buffers can be chosen to calibrate the meter. The meter can perform one-point or two-point calibration.
5.It can measure pH value of pure water, ultrapure water and boiler water through isopotential point adjustment.
6.It has USB interface which can be connected with computer to download measuring data saved by meter.
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