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PID Control 1000 Degree Electric Cabinet Cooling Fans Stainless Steel Furnace

Model Number:SG - XQL1400

Reference Price:$ 10000.00~60000.00

The main working principle and characteristics

1. This high temperature furnace non-standard design, housing 304 stainless steel design, the heating furnace for high purity alumina with high quality electric resistance furnace, the tank is 316 stainless steel bore,
Stainless steel with yu electric control box, intelligent temperature control device, below the whole device is equipped with furnace (install all casters).
2. Above the furnace cover and the side with temperature measuring element, the side temperature for heating element, ensure that the temperature of the heating element for adequate, can satisfy the needs from the tank temperature; Furnace cover above the temperature measuring components to ensure that meet the demand of experiment of temperature in the tank.
3. Table + air inlet with oxygen flow meter, equipped with 316 at the bottom of the intake pipe through the tank, to ensure that the air intake meet the demand of inner space; In and out of the gas taste standard 1/4 screw thread interface.
4. Then there are electric cabinet cooling fans to ensure electrical components on the surface of cooling during the work.