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PID Control 1000 Degree High Precision Shaft Furnace

Model Number:SG-JSL1000

Reference Price:$ 10000.00~60000.00
SG-JSL1000 high temperature well type furnace with bottom opening the door, to the quality of molybdenum silicide heating element, using the double shell structure and intelligenttemperature control system. The use of polycrystalline alumina fiber material, good performance of heat preservation, energy saving.
The main purpose and scope:
Metal material is tempering and annealing treatment, aluminum alloy, light alloy quenching,solid solution treatment, aging treatment test.
The main functions and features:
1, the use of imported polycrystalline alumina fiber materials, insulation performance is good, durable, high tensile strength, high purity, without the ball, energy saving effect is obviously better than that of the fiber material, the heating element is made of high qualitysilicon molybdenum rods, greatly improving the service life;
At the end of 2, the open door, open the door off;
3, through our software, and computer networking, can be single or multiple electric remote control, real-time tracking, record, report output and other functions; can be installed without paper recording device, data storage and output;
4, over temperature alarm and power leakage protection, safe and reliable operation;
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