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PID Control 1700 Degree Vacuum Electric Box Furnace

Model Number:SG-XQL1700

Reference Price:$ 10000.00~60000.00
Product description:
SG - XL1700vacuum electric box furnace type electric heating system, integration of the mixed gas system, vacuum system, circulating water cooling system, beautiful appearance generous, advanced and reasonable structure design. This machine is fully functional, for the most part to meet customer requirements. To import high quality silicon molybdenum rods as heating elements, silicon controlled rectifier control and phase shift trigger, furnace adopts imported type 1700 polycrystal alumina fiber material, equipped with air cooling system between double furnace shell, furnace body surface temperature is low, energy conservation, environmental protection, safe and reliable.
Main application:
Colleges and universities, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do the high temperature sintering and metal annealing, the development of new materials, organic matter, ashing, quality inspection, military-industrial complex, are also applicable to electronic, pharmaceutical, specialty materials

Main functions and features:
1, Uses the double hull structure, furnace shell is equipped with air cooling system, between the furnace body surface temperature is lower and compact design, meet the requirements of laboratory small space;
2, furnace adopts imported polycrystalline alumina fiber materials, heat preservation performance is good, durable, high tensile strength, no miscellaneous ball, high purity, energy saving effect is superior to domestic fiber material, heating element of imported silicon molybdenum rods, and according to the different use of atmosphere, into the different plating protective coating, greatly improving the service life;
3, the furnace chamber adopts high-temperature alloy material, professional vacuum design, unique sealing technology, ensures the gas tightness of furnace chamber, vacuum degree far more than similar products;
4, set aside two inlet interface, can be individually controlled gas flow, equipped with mixed gas installations, in different atmosphere, satisfy atmosphere experiment requirements;
5, the machine integrates in the circulating water cooling system, to avoid external water intricate, make the equipment for the surface temperature of lower;
6, the machine has a super temperature alarm and power-off protection function, the electric leakage protection function, safe and reliable operation, ensure the personal safety;
7, the experimental data can be stored and output; By matching our software and computer connection, which can realize single or many sets of electric remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, the output statements, and other functions;
Such as the production and experiments.
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