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1400mm 1000 Degree PID Control Lengthening Type Tubular Furnace

Model Number:SG-GL1000

Reference Price:$ 10000.00~60000.00
Lengthening type tubular furnace vacuum tube furnace with imported doped molybdenum wire as the heating element, using double shell structure and intelligent process control system, the phase shift trigger, thyristor control, furnace adopts imported polycrystalline alumina fiber materials, heat preservation performance is good, durable, high tensile strength, no noise, high purity, energy saving effect is superior to domestic fiber material, double layer between the furnace shell is equipped with air cooling system, temperature can rise quickly, with a vacuum device, can pass atmosphere vacuum, vacuum system, can the vacuum degree of optional according to customer requirements, &energy-saving equilibrium temperature field, low surface temperature and elevating temperature rate, energy saving, etc.  
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