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Electric Resistance Wire Heating PID Control Small Vacuum Tube Furnace

Model Number: SG-GL50

Reference Price:$ 6000.00~10000.00
Main functions and features:
1, KF rapid flange seal, only need one can complete the connection of flange clamp, convenient, take material, to avoid the bolt seal artificial operation may lead to a flat; To reduce the heating pipe damage caused by installation of flange may;
2, furnace adopts imported polycrystalline alumina fiber materials, heat preservation performance is good, durable, high tensile strength, no miscellaneous ball, high purity, energy saving effect is superior to domestic fiber material, heating element of imported silicon carbon rod, greatly increase its service life, high quality corundum ceramic 99 tube, high density, durable, not easily broken;
3, reserved vacuum, gas path fast interface, can cooperate with our vacuum system, mixed gas system use;
4, reserved 485 conversion interface, by our software, and computer networking, can realize single or many sets of electric remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, the output statements, and other functions; Can be installed the paperless recording device, realize data storage and output;
5, the built-in thermocouple, real-time monitoring of temperature heating materials;
6, optional Windows observations, flange, real-time observation in sintering material;
7  overtemperature alarm and power outages, leakage protection, safe and reliable operation.
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