Cancer Research Equipment Donation by DLAB

Date: 2017-06-01 14:29

Striving for social responsibility helps employees and organizations haveapositive impact on development,business and society withapositive contribution

"We makealiving by what we get,but we makealife by what we give.-winstonChurchill.

As acontribution towards social commitment,Mr.GuoLei,President of DLAB Scientific donated RMB500,000 worth of laboratory equipment to Beijing Cancer Research Institute. The initiative taken by Mr.Guo Lei is highly valuable and appreciable forahealthy and better world.

Beijing Cancer Research Institute accepted the donation and conductedadonation ceremony in the ScientificResearch Building of Cancer Hospital,Peking University

Peking University Cancer Hospital (three other titles-Beijing Cancer Hospital,Beijing Institute for CancerResearch,and Peking University School of Oncology-refer to the same entity) ranks among theChina's top academic cancer centers. Its physicians provide the highest quality of health care throughoutthe hospital and its faculty members responsible for translational research are respected for their dedicationto teaching and training.

As atoken of appreciation,adonation certificate had been awarded to Mr. Guo Lei by Mr. Ji Jiafu,Deanof Peking University Cancer Hospital.

The entire DLAB Scientific team wishes all the best for the futureofBeijing Cancer ResearchInstitute.

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